Thursday, July 8, 2010

In time for Summer: why our iced tea tastes sooo good!

When it comes to iced tea, the fresher the ingredients, the richer the taste. Needless to say, bottled iced teas are full of sugar and ingredients you can’t pronounce. Most iced teas you’ll find in restaurants are pre-made and kept in the fridge for hours before being poured into your cup. Both fall short of delicious, which is why we’ve gone back to basics to brew a fresh iced tea in seconds that we know you’ll love!

We start with the locally sourced Lindsay’s Tea of your choice. The naturally sweet Lemon Hibiscus is our favorite. Caffeine free, the sweet hibiscus harmonizes smoothly with the tangy Asian lemongrass for a particularly delicious iced tea.

To speed up the brew, we top it with hot pressurized steam and give it a good stir. Notice we use less water to ensure concentrated flavor before adding ice.

Finally, we let you add sugar or honey while the brew is hot. After 90 seconds, we pour it over ice, and voilĂ ! Stop by and enjoy!

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